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Philosophy_20 Fanfic Challenge

Expanding minds through fanfic.

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Please read the information below before posting on the comm!

That being said, hello and welcome to the philosophy_20 challenge! Following in the footsteps of other wonderful challenge communities, we’ve put together an interesting table of challenges and prompts to expand your imagination and mind. Interested? (Of course you are!) Take a glance (a.k.a. thoroughly understand the rules) of this challenge and, if you decide to take the leap, then make a claim! ^_^

STEP ONE: Stake a claim (that is, pick a fandom). It can be a book, movie, television series, etcetera. Then narrow it down and pick a character, couple, group, or general series.

STEP TWO: Once you are accepted and not before, you can start posting!

1.Birth 2.Loss 3.Ends Justify The Means 4.Inertia 5.Syzygy
6.Theory 7.Both Sides 8.Faith 9.Orientation 10.Time
11.Extrinsic 12.6th Sense 13.Love Beyond Desire 14.Parallel 15.Infinity
16.God 17.Lack of God 18.And if the answer is no / can I change your mind? 19.Caught in the form of limitation. 20.Reflection

Prompt Tips and Meanings


1. You don’t have to post the prompts in order.
2. You can claim a joint post. (Writing with friends can be fun and makes for wonderful fiction!)
3. You are responsible for tagging your own stories. I can’t tag them for you, because that would take up the time I usually use to… oh, say, eat and sleep. ^___^ Tagging isn’t difficult. If you chose Nick/Greg for CSI, just put nick/greg in the tag when you post. You can do this. I have faith in you.

WHEN POSTING, use this subject line:

  • Title (fandom, pairing and challenge #.)
    EXAMPLE: CSI, Catherine/Warrick, #11

    And this header:
    Character(s) or Pairing:
    Rating: (VERY IMPORTANT! If it’s NC-17, don’t forget to say so!)


    Gimme some detail deadlines: You bet! This is supposed to be a relaxed community, something you enjoy doing. (There are few things worse than someone bothering you about deadlines.) All we ask is that you post one fic once a month.

    What about ratings? Any and all ratings are accepted! However, all fics must be under an LJ cut. (If you don’t know how to do that, then click here.) We use the movie rating system (G though NC-17); if you don’t understand this system, then please visit here.

    Word count? Please, use a minimum of 100 words for each prompt. Other than that, it can be as long as you want! A short story, novel, series, anything!

    How many fandoms can I have at once? One. I know what you're thinking, but you can only have one fandom at a time. When you finish the table for your first fandom, then feel free to claim another table for another fandom!

    What about crossovers? Go for it. Write anything you want. For instance, if you chose Draco from HP, then it could be HP/X-Men. HP/CSI. HP/whatever. We won’t stop you, BUT! …it must center around your chosen character.

    Can each prompt be a continuing chapter? Yes! It's your project. You're free to treat each prompt as you see fit.

    Can I post my stories in other places? You bet; they’re your fics and I’m not going to stop you from doing with them what you will. Just make sure to post them here, too. ^_^

    Can my claim be an original series? Yes!

    What if I need to drop a claim? No problem! Go here.

    Think you got it? Great! Then come make a claim here.

    Is your desired claim taken? No problemo. Numerous people may have the same claim.

    When you've finished, then post here and you'll get a banner you can proudly display!

    Questions? Then PM me!

    Enjoy, have fun, and expand your mind!


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